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The Musical is Back!   
04:29pm 25/02/2009

Way better than comedians failing at trying to be funny in between presentations...
Too bad Beyonce lip synched. At least it sounded good :-)

BTW, it's a big file, so let e load a while before you watch.
Come on. This is ridiculous   
04:44pm 04/02/2009
  We have much more important thing to worry about and spend massive amounts of money on.
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I have been saying this for forever   
03:18pm 02/02/2009
"Detoxifying" does... nothing.
Christ on a cracker...   
01:59pm 02/02/2009
  Update on the "octuplets born to woman with 6 kids" story.  A very sad and disturbing one...


So, it sounds like the father was lying about another house (it sounds like all the kids, the mother and both grandparents live in a 2 bedroom house?). 
It also seem that all involved are batshit crazy.  She wants a television show which shows what a great caretaker she is.
This is abuse, plain and simple.  And the doctor who did it should have their license taken away.
Octuplets born to woman with 6 previous children   
12:34pm 30/01/2009

I don't get it... who would get in-vitro with infertility treatment when you already have 6 kids, two of them twins?  Not to mention with that many embryos?  Isn't just doing it with that many embryos illegal?  Even if it is, what doctor would do it on someone who already has 6 kids? 
In addition to this; the family seems so strange... reports differ, but it seems the ones giving statements is the grandmother.  "A family acquaintance told CBS' "The Early Show" on Thursday that the mother is "fairly young" and lives with her parents and her six children, including twins.  How young can she be, after already having 6 kids and octuplets?  And the thing about the grandfather saying "we have a large house... somewhere else and you will never find us"?  Is this some weird cult where the women have to have as many children as possible?
The whole story seems really fishy...
Ugly Betty Personality Quiz   
04:13am 14/01/2009

You're Christina! You are talented and accomplished, but life keeps conspiring to keep you and you dreams down. While you are waiting for your big chance (the one that someone doesn't take away for once), You're there for all your friends, a shoulder to cry on, a source of invaluable info and, for good or bad. In other words, the rock that everyone depends on. And of course, you always know the best gossip.
Weird lj icon virus?   
05:07pm 12/01/2009
mood: shocked
So, a moment ago, while I was on LJ, my icon changed from the cute Orange Olive I have up currently to a pretty disturbing picture showing a person kneeling and blindfolded, with a gun and knife aimed at them.  There was some sort of a large red circle on the blindfold, possibly wi
(there was some sort of a large red circle on the blindfold, which may have represented a flag?  Not sure; It was blurry
I immediately deleted that and restored the original (by the way, the comment and info on it still had the olive icon info), but WTF?  How can that happen?
PS: I don't know why my "shocked" fox looks so happy...
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OMG, I want one of these!   
12:48pm 11/12/2008
Silly silly American am I.

In other news: really scary strains of Drug-resistant TB. Fun!  Oh, and pretty much no one is doing anything about it...

So lame. I hate TV. I hate the majority of the population of america; they like nothing good.   
01:35pm 24/11/2008
mood: annoyed

"According to reports, three ABC shows have been canceled - or are almost dead.

Dirty Sexy Money, Pushing Daisies, AND Eli Stone will all be ending this season. 99%.

At the moment, the network is not commenting, but multiple sources have confirmed the news.

However, Daisies creator Bryan Fuller says, "It's all true. I'm so very proud of this show and grateful for everyone's hard work in bringing it to life. We would love to continue telling this season's arcs in a comic book format, just to tie up all the loose strings — and believe me, there are plenty. That way we can tell a stand alone movie story that doesn't have all the baggage from the second season stories — and those bags are packed!"

Some changes will also be made mid-season to the current schedule.

For example, their spin-off show Private Practice will be moved to 10pm on Thursdays following Grey's Anatomy beginning mid-December. An obvious attempt to up the ratings.

And starting January, Scrubs will join the network's Tuesday lineup and Life on Mars will be moved to Wednesdays."

Yeah, every unusual or original show gets cancelled.  I would have to say that "Pushing Daisies is the best show I've seen on TV for a long time.  People would rather watch "dancing with the stars" or "wife swap".  People suck. I need to not watch shows until I know they are not going to be cancelled, I guess...

01:55pm 05/11/2008
mood: sad
Michael Crichton dies
I never actually knew he was sick; apparently he's had cancer for a while.  I know some people probably found his books to be too popularized, etc.  But Jurassic park was my favorite book for a large portion of my life, and I think had a bit to do with me wanting to go into science.  Based on the wide range of topics he wrote on and his various credentials (you can read about them here), he was a very intelligent person.  He will be missed.
Last Italy Pictures   
10:53pm 14/08/2008
mood: sleepy
I have too many Italy pictures. The second set is just of Venice, and the last is of Padua, Verona, and Frankfurt.
03:02pm 12/08/2008
mood: cheerful
So, I took most people's advice, and I went to Cinque Terra... and a whole bunch of other places in Italy. We started in Naples, went to Pompeii, up to Cinque Terra, to Bologna, then Venice, and then a day trip to Padua and Verona (I saw a production of Aida in a working coliseum on my birthday :-). I Even saw a little bit of Frankfurst, Germany, on the way back (the city, not the airport)
If you are interested in the part one of my pictures, click here (http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2431410&l=e0f5d&id=8612288)
it has, so far, Naples, Pompeii, Cinque Terra, and Bologna. Part 2 coming soon...
silly personality tests; your greatest virtue   
03:28pm 01/07/2008
mood: anxious
Stolen from magicalobizuth

Your result for The Best Thing About You Test...


Passion is an intense emotion that compels feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for anything, and that often requires action. Get that? Requires action. It's very likely you submit to your deepest needs and live life with a flair few others achieve, but many envy. All 7 virtues are a part of you, but your passion runs deepest.

Passionate types: artists, writers, composers, athletes, and heroine addicts.

Your raw relative scores follow. 0% is low, and 100% is perfect, nearly impossible. Note that I pitted the virtues against each other, so in some way these are relative scores. It's impossible to score high on all of them, and a low score on one is just relatively low compared to the other virtues.


40% Compassion

56% Intelligence

38% Humility

56% Honesty

25% Discipline

43% Courage

58% Passion

Take The Best Thing About You Test at HelloQuizzy

For the record, I pick... Heroine addict. Yup, that's me. I think I'd pick Elizabeth Bennett. P.S.: Side boob!
Face likeness, blah blah   
01:15pm 01/07/2008
mood: cynical
I did this a while back, but I looked, and the link no longer works :-(
So, I figured I'd copy applespicy and do another one. I used an old pic, since I had no new ones I liked.
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Plus, this happens again???? WTF?
It wasn't that long ago that it happened before
What is wrong with people??? You see a person dying on an emergency room floor, you do something. Are we so indifferent?
Face likeness, blah blah   
12:05pm 01/07/2008
  I did this a while back, but I looked, and the link no longer works :-(
So, I figured I'd do another one.  I used an old pic, but I had no new ones I liked.
<a href="http://www.myheritage.com/collage" title="MyHeritage - free family trees, genealogy and face recognition" alt="MyHeritage - free family trees, genealogy and face recognition" target="_blank"><img src="http://www.myheritagefiles.com/L/storage/site1/files/36/29/92/362992_2983013e06a684ghm78l89.JPG" width="500" height="574" border="0" ></a>

Plus, this happens again???? WTF?
It wasn't that long ago that it happened before
What is wrong with people???  You see a person dying on an emergency room floor, you do something.  Are we so indifferent?
03:45pm 19/06/2008
  So, this week an institute in Sweden came out with a study showing that straight male brains and female homosexual brains are alike, and the same with straight female and homosexual male brains (Article), showing there is a biological factor involved.

Now, here comes the scary part.  I think this article jumps in logic a bit; I'm sure they have no actual idea if the hormone fluctuation is the cause of homosexuality (or the brain size).  However, it's true, right now you can centrifuge sperm and pick boy or girl;  would we be able to pass a law that says you can't do the same with hormones?  Gattaca like, but much closer than anticipated possibly?
My humps   
11:20am 06/06/2008

Good, but still not as good as Ben Folds "Bitches Ain't Shit"

No, he didn't make a vid for this one
SSN only identity theft   
12:51pm 27/05/2008
  Be very careful when giving out your SSN; the only places that need it are an employer, bank, or cc company.  And if you give it to these organizations, make sure it is through proper channels; on an 1-9 straight to the employer, or over the phone when YOU have called them (I almost got scammed once when someone claiming be an employee at visa called when offering a cc, when I happened to be looking for one.  If they ask for the number over the phone, you can always ask for a form to fill out.)
If any company or school wants to use it as you ID number, make sure to deny it and say you need some other number to identify you.  Someone doesn't even need to know your name to use the number. 
02:21pm 21/05/2008
  Once I stop traveling so much, and am in somewhere more permanent, I am totally getting a parrot.  They are awesome (and I'm not allergic!)
Buenos aires   
02:49pm 12/05/2008
  Hey, has anyone been to Buenos aires?  If so, or even if you have heard, any tips?  I'll be there for about a day and a half this weekend.  Weird, right?